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April 28, 2020:

Exclusive session with top producers:

Tuesday, April 28th:

We will kick off this Virtual Event Series with one of PEAK’s Stay Connected meetings. 

4:00pm-4:30pm ET           
Minute to Win It: Easy to Implement Strategies to Get You in Front of Clients
Description: Hosted by one of our Partners, Nolan Baker, founder of America’s Retirement Headquarters.  In this marketing session, Nolan will share some of his proven strategies that will help you get in front of new clients.

April 29, 2020:

Exclusive sessions with top producers:

Wednesday, April 29th:
We will host 5 sessions and each session will be its own Go To Meeting with distinct log-in information.  To attend these events please call, email, or click the title to download  a calendar event.
9:00am-9:45am ET 
Description: In this hands on “how-to” PR session, our very own “Masters of the Media” will go live to demonstrate the step-by-step process, including: what to look for to identify sources, how to connect (and how often), what to track and where, and how to leverage the press you gain in various ways. They will also explore the option to buy PR – what opportunities there are, when it makes sense and budget ranges.
10:00am-11:15am ET          

Latest Advice from Top Money Managers_ Talking Points & What’s Working

Description: In this panel-style discussion, hear current commentary from top money managers, where they see solutions and opportunities, how they are positioning portfolios and, most importantly, what is working right now. They will also discuss how advisors can provide clients with access to a PM in a virtual setting, either one-on-one or in a town-hall type setting. Emphasis will be placed on the approach, in particular how and what to communicate with worried clients.


12:15pm-1:15pm ET            

Improve Your Virtual Game! Tools Top Advisors Are Using

Description: In this tech-focused session, the team will explore a variety of tools that have proven to be beneficial when virtually communicating with clients and prospects. See what others are using and improve your virtual game! From virtual meeting platforms, to progressive and efficient ways to connect (via texting, emailing, etc.), to enhancing your messages with video, these tools will be explained from an advisor usage and application standpoint, as well as from a Compliance and cybersecurity perspective.


1:30pm-2:30pm ET              

Social Media Boot Camp

Description: In this “social” session, active users will discuss how they’ve used the various social media platforms (including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) to build a strong digital presence. As with any social engagement, building a presence requires a commitment of time and effort – so you’ll want to learn how to leverage content from other sources. The group will provide an overview of each platform, how it works and what it is best used for, as well as how it ties together with your website to form your overall digital footprint.


3:30pm-4:30pm ET              

Building Successful Relationships to Expand Opportunities

Description: In this networking discussion, advisors will share how they have leveraged their other practices (i.e. CPA, tax practice, insurance) to introduce clients to the financial side of their business, or how they have built successful relationships with these types of practices to bring financial services to their colleagues’ clients. Now is a perfect cross-selling opportunity, given the increased awareness of the need for financial advice. Find out what these successful advisors are doing to gain traction & drive growth into other lines of business.

PEAK advisors are growing and onboarding new clients daily with these strategies.  We are excited to share our methods and success stories on winning clients virtually. To be provided access to the full list of our virtual tools – please contact Glen McRary.

Thank you for your interest in our Virtual Events. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at
(855) 949 – PEAK or (561) 641-5050.

If you wish to set up a call to discuss in detail what PEAK can offer you please contact Glen McRary.

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